Special Prayers at Sri Thendayuthapani Temple

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple provides the following Archanai services (chanting Manthra

  • Regular Archanai in devotees or in Deities name (Coconut and Fruit Archanai)
  • Sahasranama Archanai  
  • Shanmuga Archanai for Lord Sri Thendayuthapani 
  • Skanda Homam for Lord Sri Thendayuthapani  
  • Letcharchanai for Lord Sri Thendayuthapani during Skantha Sashti 
  • Letcharchanai for Lordess Meenakshi Amman 
  • Letcharchanai for Lordess Durgai Amman

More details are given below on Archanai Services. All Archanai and Prasadam Services are provided at a cost.

Shanmuga Archanai

The Almighty, Lord Murugan blesses his devotees by appearing in different forms (known as Avatharam in Tamil). Among the forms, the appearance as ARUMUGAN (Shanmugan or six-faced God) has a very special significance. Lord Arumugan has six heads, each facing East, South, South-West, West, North, North-East directions. 

Shanmuga Archanai is a prayer performed for God Arumugan offering six different flowers and six sacred food (known as Neivethyam in Tamil) and chanting 1008 respected names of Lord Murugan by six priests (archagar) at the same time in the temple.

Lord Murugan blesses his devotees who perform the Shanmuga Archanai, by removing all evil thoughts and deeds, by fulfilling their wishes and by granting spiritual wisdom and prosperity in their lives.

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple conducts Shanmuga Archanai for Lord Thendayuthapani on request from devotees. 

Interested devotees may approach the Temple Management at 6737 9393 for further information and arrangement.

Sahasranama Archanai

To achieve prosperity and wisdom and to attain the eternal bliss from God, we perform Archanai (prayer/pooja) in the temple. The Archanai is chanting the names and glory of God with devotion. When the Archanai contains 108 respected names of God, it is called the ASHTOTHRA SATHAM. When it contains 1008 names, the Archanai is called the SAHASRANANAM. As our resources (time and material) permit, when we do Archanai with love, devotion and concentration, we can fulfill our wishes and obtain the God's grace and bliss.

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple conducts Sahasranama Archanai on request from devotees. Interested devotees may approach the Temple authorities at 6737 9393 for further information and arrangement.

Shukla Shashti Skantha Homam

In order to restore the Knowledge and Dharma in this world, Lord Murugan destroyed Asurans. Asuran in Hinduism is Demon, a representation of evil and ignorance and there were many Asurans during various periods. Lord Murugan fought with Asurans during the Tamil month of “Aipasi” from “Valarpirai Pridamai” to “Shashti” tithi, defeats Asurans ignorance and transforms him into a Rooster and Peacock. 

Hence Rooster and Peacock becomes the Vahanam (vehicle) for Lord Murugan. 

Tithi in hindu vedic timekeeping mean lunar day. 

The day of Shasthi tithi during which Lord Murugan defeated Asurans is observed as Shukla Shashti and Skantha Homam is performed in most of the Murugan temples. As per one of Lord Murugan epic “Skantha Puranam”, worshipping Lord Murugan during “Valarpirai” (growing Moon period) Shashti tithi, blesses us with all kind of knowledge and wealth.

Our Hindu literature and Vedas preaches different means and ways of worship to seek the blessings of almighty. One such form is the “Agni” related worship. 

The meaning of “Agni” in Sanskrit language is Fire.

While there are many forms of worshipping Lord Murugan, worshipping him through “Agni” is considered sacred and Skantha Homam is one out of it.

In Sri Thendayuthapani temple, the Sukla Shashti Skantha Homam is observed every tamil month on the “Valarpirai Shashti Tithi” day. The Homam commences early morning 4.00 AM and Abhisegams are performed on the holy Vel. Sukla Shashti Skantha Homam is performed to Lord Murugan by chanting his Moola Manthiram, Mala Manthiram, Asthra Manthiram and thiraviyangal (sacred waters).

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple conducts Shukla Shashti Skantha Homam once a month. Interested devotees may approach the Temple authorities at 6737 9393 for further information and participation in the homam.

Skantha Shashti: The Shashti tithi that occurs during the Tamil month of “Aipasi” is considered auspicious. Lord Murugan also known as Thendayuthapani, Subramanya, Kartikeya, Kumaresa, Guha, Murugan, Shanmukha and Velayudhan, is believed to have annihilated the mythical Asuran “Taraka” on day 6. Day 6 function is called as Soora Samharam (Killing of Demon).

To commemorate this celebration and to mark the death of Taraka Asuran, devotees fast for a period of 6 days. Letcha-Archanai (chanting 100,000 times) will be performed every day by engaging priests and devotees will be reciting Lord Murugan’s various names. On day 6, Shashti day - special Skantha Homam is performed with an idol procession in the evening.

Celebrated in all Shaivite and Murugan temples in South India, Skantha Shashti commemorates the destruction of evil by the Almighty. For more details on Skantha Shashti please visit Sri Thendyauthapani Temple festivals page. 


Prasad in Sanskrit and Prasadam in Tamil is a material substance that is first offered to a deity in Hinduism and consumed. A gracious gift, Prasadam is considered to have the deities blessing residing within it. 

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple has variety of Prasadam available at a nominal fees to devotees. Those who are interested in offering Prasadam to god, are requested to call the temple office at 6737 9393 for more details.

Prasadam's available at Sri Thendayuthapani Temple is as follows.

For all Gods in ST Temple

Pongal (Dall Rice)
Jaggery Pongal (Sweet Rice)
Curd Rice 
Puli Sadham (Tamarind Rice)
Lemon Rice
Pepper Rice
Coconut Rice

For Vinayagar
Uppu Mothagam (Salt)

For Thendayuthapan

For Bhairavar
Vadai Malai

For Saturn
Sesame Rice