Information for Tourists

Chettiars' Temple Society, Singapore welcomes Tourists and visitors of all races. Guests are strictly requested to adhere to the following regulations and help devotees in conducting thier prayers. 

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the temple 
  • Do not litter within the temple 
  • Do not enter into the Sanctum. Only Priests are allowed to enter to Sanctum
  • Do not to touch or go near the deities in the temple 
  • Please dress modestly and obscene dressing is prohibed with in the whole temple premises
  • If you wish you could offer money in the donation box situated within the temple 
  • You are allowed to take photographs inside the temple and the statues on the pillars 
  • Do not disturb devotees 
  • It will be appreciable if you could maintain silence all the time when you are inside the temple 
  • No Smoking with in temple premises